“Be killing sin or sin will be killing you” – John Owen

About Us

Abiding Fruit is a collection of biblical articles written weekly by Russ Atmore (RA) (bethelcomchurch.org)  for his congregation offering commentary on various texts of Scripture. Here at Abiding Fruit, we desire that your minds and hearts be stirred up in the things of Christ. We confess and proclaim the 5 solas of the Reformation and acknowledge the 1644, 1646 & 1677/1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. We also value highly & greatly appreciate other Reformed Confessional documents. But above all, we treasure the Scriptures as our sole authority, and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as our Covenant Head. This is all that matters to us.

Soli Deo Gloria

Special thanks to my daughter Kaitlin Atmore for her excellent editing work. Without her expertise my work would be beggarly. All articles are being revised and updated.

Many thanks to Mr. Javier Garcia for his translation into Spanish of Abiding Fruit (ongoing project).